First Disc of “The Clockwork Fable” available for Free Download

We are delighted to announce the celebration of the two-year anniversary of the release of “The Clockwork Fable” will begin with a free download of the first act of our triple-album-opus! 

The promotion, exclusive to the Gandalf’s Fist official website, allows the first disc of the album to be downloaded as MP3’s, uninterrupted in its entirety. The perfect way to introduce someone to the wacky world of Cogtopolis!

We’re sure there’s still a large horde of people out there that have yet to experience the world of “The Clockwork Fable”, and perhaps there are even those that are somewhat cautious of the notion of a triple album… with this promotion we’re removing that risk – we’re keen for everyone to be able to experience, what we truly believe, is a unique and timeless concept album”

The Clockwork Fable was released in 2016 and featured guest appearances by Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon), Blaze Bayley (Ex-Iron Maiden), Matt Stevens (The Fierce and the Dead) and Dave Oberlé (Gryphon). The album also featured the voice acting talents of the likes of Mark Benton (Waterloo Road) and Zach Galligan (Gremlins) among others. 

The direct link to the promotion is available via the following link: