It may be Friday the 13th but the little elves here at Fist HQ have been busy working away at their code to present to you: CLOCKWORK FABLE: THE GAME!

That's right we've got a fully playable old-school RPG set in Cogtopolis with many of the characters you know and love from both of our Steampunk Concept albums (as well as the band themselves making a cameo here and there!)

We thought, since "The Clockwork Prologue" was our musical equivalent to a video game "expansion pack" then surely we should have a fun game set in Cogtopolis itself.

As you make your way through all three caverns of Cogtopolis there are quests to complete, items ans weapons to collect and a range of Gandalf's Fist tunes all re-worked into 8-Bit compositions! Even more, Gandalf's Fist fans themselves, members of our Facebook fan group "The Fellowship of the Fist" , where kind enough to offer up their faces to be the enemies that you battle!

Dare you delve into Cogtopolis to defeat the Ice Badgers? Can you summon your strength to complete the game and unlock the playable Goose character?

Enter at your peril!