Well, it's usually around this time we release a brand new Christmas Single! We've done that pretty much for the last 10 years! We love treating our fans and hopefully you've seen the effort we've put into the exclusive little gifts that we've left out on the previous 13 days! So now that we're on the final countdown to Christmas we've got a slightly different surprise behind door 14 - A gift from *YOU*. Not to us of course. You may have noticed that unlike the past 10 years this year has been unique that we have not released a Christmas single, and although we could quite easily put that spare cash saved from producing, mastering and digitally distributing a single into the Gandalf's Fist Christmas Party and hit the finest all-you-can-eat-buffet Cogtopolis has to offer, we feel that cash would be better served elsewhere.

So door 14, in place of producing a Christmas single, we have donated approximately that cost to our local food bank on you, our Fan's behalf. The local Foodbank, closest to Fist HQ and our little studio, has alarmingly seen a 95% increase in emergency food supplies since 2017. Foodbanks should not need to exist in the UK but sadly, normal, hardworking families and parents are struggling to put food on their table. Nobody should be hungry over Christmas and thanks to your small musical sacrifice and a break in our xmas tradition at least a few less families will suffer that heartbreak over the festive season.

Thank you all for your support and allowing us to do this! Hopefully you will consider supporting you local foodbank too - lets try and keep as many people in our communities safe this winter and look forward to the delayed 2020 Gandalf's Fist Xmas single!

Merry Fistmas