Behind door number 5 lies the second demo that we released in 2005 - The Nazgul Blade. Again, these songs were mainly cobbled together in previous years and put out on our Myspace page so that it looked like we were constantly writing material! By now you can really start to see some seeds being sewn that would eventually make the real Gandalf's Fist that we know today - Bombadil Waltz combines NWOBHM with some folky synths, "Pipweed..." creates the debut for the synth sound we would use again on Road to Darkness' "Council of Anderson" and large parts of "...Cirith Ungol" were recycled for the title track of "From a Point of Existence"


Hope you enjoy this second leap back in time to the genesis of the Fist - Apologies for the sound quality - these are the only remaining versions of these demo songs that we could find.

Some seriously awesome stuff still to come!