"The Waxwork Downs" - Mono 'Wax' Cylinder
  • "The Waxwork Downs" - Mono 'Wax' Cylinder
  • "The Waxwork Downs" - Mono 'Wax' Cylinder
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A special 4 minute Edit of "The Waxwork Downs" taken from "The Clockwork Prologue".
Sick of these new-fangled musical mediums like these "Vinyl Records" taking over? Well let's take music consumption back to its roots - the phonograph machine - the early form of gramophones which used wax cylinders! That's right our new single will be exclusively released for phonographs! We spent time creating a special mono mix and edit of the track to make use of the antique medium's attributes! Includes:
1 x hard-wearing, plastic cylinder record for use on Edison Phonograph machines!
1 x Hand Crafted Display tube.
1 x "Daily Cog" Newspaper Clipping

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