Artwork Reveal!

The wait is over! You can now take a sneaky peak at the artwork for the Special Edition of Road to Darkness! The bespoke image was created by UK artist Daniel Pearce, whom we had previously worked with for the "Lamplighter's Tale" Vinyl release.

Daniel did a fantastic Job and was in communication with us throughout the process to make sure the artwork matched our vision. Take a bow Sir!

We think the new cover is fantastic and a great nod to all the science fiction novels we read as teenagers! Daniel has created a full panoramic image of the fantastical surface of Jupiter's Moon, Io, that extends to the whole of the back cover when opened out. 

As with our previous special edition, it was important to us to have bespoke artwork done for this release, our first few album covers were done with some stock images and, although we think they still look good, it's important to us to present something truly unique. 

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