Plotting the Road Ahead...

One of the main questions we are always asked is "When are you going to put your older stuff out on CD?".

We broached this subject when we re-released "A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer" and the main issue we always have is that we have a bigger emphasis on quality control that we did back in the day and since it costs us quite a bit to have CD's professionally manufactured it somewhat irks us to invest in a product that has some rough edges (as charming as they undoubtedly are!).

When we released Universal Wanderer:Special Edition we approached it in a way that we wanted to have an album that sounded as good as "Forest of Fey" and "The Clockwork Fable". And I think we achieved this with bells on. After that it, was always a case of "which album next?".

To me there was no choice.

Back in 2011 Luke and I recorded "The Master and the Monkey" in one night when we were quite severely drunk and stuck it on the internet. I don't think anyone in their right mind would call that a proper album. It was a fun demo and basically solidified the idea that we were going to have some fun and make some music.

A few months later we did "Road to Darkness". This time we did it over 2-3 days and were slightly less drunk. The difference was we put some thought into the songwriting and storytelling. A trademark of all future releases.

Let's be clear, this album got some seriously great reviews when it was released. We love these songs, they are what I think of when I think of starting Gandalf's Fist. But at the time we spent no time on production and did everything pretty much in one take. That shows, vocally most of all. There's some great, indeed Classic, Gandalf's Fist material on there and it's about bloody time we let it shine in the best way possible.

Looking forward to sharing some of it with you all!


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