Gandalf's Fist

"Decennium" is a 10-track compilation album, released 10/10 to celebrate 10 years of Gandalf's Fist albums!

Given we have unable to perform live for the last couple of years, were hoping this serves as a appetiser/stop-gap for not only our upcoming releases but also provides a vessel in which you can help support the band given our shortfall in live income!

Rather than a traditional "Best of" this compilation gathers tracks from every one of our Major releases to date, presenting a flow of our work in a "setlist" format, with live favourites rubbing shoulder to shoulder with album deep-cuts.

If you're new to the band then start here, there's enough here to give you a taste of each of our full-length albums! If you are a hardened GF-Fanatic then you'll find something fresh and new in the new remixed and remastered tracks, along with the inclusion of a new version of "Monolith" which is taken from our upcoming special edition release of "From a Point of Existence."

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