"likely to be close to the top of my list for best album of 2012...another exceptional disc"

"4/5 Stars"

"The history of excellence is certainly continued on this release... 10/10"


In a town, in a van, there lived a man...
Set in the near future, this latest Medieval-Space-Rock Odyssey, is a Psychedelic Rollercoaster, following the story of William, a lowly ice cream van operator, who inexplicably becomes embroiled in the heist of the personal wealth of the draconian business-magnate Sir Jason Drake.
Opening with the assassination of Drake outside his high-rise London apartment, the album delves into the events leading up to the businessman's shooting. From Drake's illegal takeover of the Lunar Mining Corporation, to a chance meeting of parties with the anarchist-professor known simply as "G", the story twists and turns revealing the characters' true motivations, culminating with the heartless mogul finally contemplating redemption from his own point in existence.

Dramatis Personæ

  • William Small - An Ice Cream Van operator, facing bankruptcy. The foreclosure on his property has lead to transient accommodation in the back of his company's van.
  • Sir Jason Drake - A ruthless and miserly entrepreneur and head of Sole Industries Ltd.
  • A Company of Lunar Miners - made recently unemployed by S.I.'s illegal business merger, their resolve for compensation is fuelled further by the collapse of the LMC Worker's Union
  • "G" - A secretive Sociology teacher with his own agenda
  • Gordon - Drake's blind 13 year old son, although abandoned at birth, he has recently come into possession of S.I.'s security codes.
  • Shakespeare - a retired assassin from the Eden Valley in Cumberland

From a Point of Existence


1. The Tale of William Small
2. From a Point of Existence (Parts I-V)
Part I: Obscuration (0:00 - 3.50)
Part II: Ascension (3.50 - 5.40)
Part III: Purgatory (5.40 - 8.53)
Part IV: The Fall (8.53 - 14.13)
Part V: Otherworld (14.13 - 16.34)

3. Gathering of the Clouds
4. There and back again
5. Crestfallen
6. Monolith
7. From a Point of Existence (Parts VI-X)
Part VI: Singularity (0.00 - 3.18)
Part VII: Isaiah 38:18 (3.18 - 5.11)
Part VIII: Mooncode (5.11 - 7.27)
Part IX: Contemplations (7.27 - 11.35)
Part X: The Page Turns (11.35 - 13.32)