The Clockwork Fable - 3 CD
  • The Clockwork Fable - 3 CD
  • The Clockwork Fable - 3 CD
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Our critically-acclaimed Triple-disc Steampunk concept-album with more than three hours of the finest progressive medieval space-rock known to mankind! Featuring Guest appearances from: Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon), Blaze Bailey (Ex-Iron Maiden), Dave Oberlé (Gryphon) and more!

Uniquely, an hour of radio-play tracks, interwoven between the songs, brings life, drama and comedy to the story! Professional Actors include Zach Galligan (Gremlins) and renowned UK actor Mark Benton!

Includes a 24-page coloured booklet with lyrics to every song, exclusive artwork, all housed in a deluxe 4-panel DigiPak!

For more details of the story, cast and reviews of this landmark LP please Click Here

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Arjen Lucassen
Blaze Bayley
(Ex-Iron Maiden)
Dave Oberlé
Matt Stevens
(The Fierce and the Dead)

Mark Benton
(Early Doors, Dr Who, Waterloo Road)
Zach Galligan
Bill Fellows
(The Tournament, Broadchurch, Downton Abbey)
Paul Barnhill
(The BFG)
Tim Munro
(Dr Who)
Paul Kavanagh
 (Green street 2, The Shouting men)

It’s always an exciting when Gandalf’s Fist put their warped minds in unison to try and come up with a new story to tell the world, and lo and behold that transpired once again! 

Still buzzing from the success of our last record, “A Forest of Fey”, we’ve delved back into recording a brand new conceptual piece over at Fist HQ, which signalled the release of our sixth full length LP: The Clockwork Fable! 

As with "Forest of Fey", you can follow the  archived blog, here on this page, where we previously delved into providing studio updates to help whet the appetite of even the most hardened progaphobe! 

Promo Video & Samples

The Story

Use the Navigation bar below to find out more about the world of "The Clockwork Fable!"

The City • An own Alphabet • Religion
The Inhabitants • Map of Cogtopolis

Project Updates:

Shadowborn Video

Behold! Grown men pissing about in a shed with a green screen!

Our new video 'Shadowborn' is taken from our acclaimed 3-CD concept album 'The Clockwork Fable'

(9/10 - "Reduces Rick Wakeman's King Arthur to the

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Meet the Cast: Bill Fellows is "Armistead"

Bill was born and bred in the North-East town of Middlesbrough, close to the North Yorkshire border, and trained at the Guildford drama school in the early Eighties. 

He has been seen on television many times, most recently in…

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Meet the Cast: Paul Barnhill is "Pastor Simon"

Playing the role of “Pastor Simon”, Paul has worked extensively in the world of show business for over twenty four years (to be precise). His television work recently includes rubbish guest parts in Foyles War, Homefires, Holby City, Coronation Street,

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Meet the Cast: Mark Benton is "The Lamplighter"

We’re chuffed to bits to announce Mark Benton will be voicing one of the characters on our upcoming LP “The Clockwork Fable” .

Playing the spoken words of “The Lamplighter” character, Mark Benton has shown his versatility on television…

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We are delighted to announce the spoken word cast for our upcoming 3-CD concept album “The Clockwork Fable”. 

Mark Benton, Zach Galligan, Bill Fellows, Paul Barnhill, Tim Munro and Paul Kavanagh have been confirmed as the ‘players’ acting out the…

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What is Cogtopolis?

Luke’s Thoughts: 
The world of Cogtopolis was formed from an idea that we created over the course of 6 months last year. The first character we had was the Lamplighter, the subject of our pre-christmas teaser song. In a way…

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Discovering the Ideologies of Cogtopolis

The Nightkeeper Insignia. Worn by all swore-in brethren with pride.

Bad guys. It’s all too easy to craft some rip-off, intrinsically evil, “dark lord” or a faceless oppressive regime as the antagonist in your story. But what we wanted…

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