The time has finally come! Here you will find the store page for our brand new album: Widdershins - a conceptual album about the superstitious side of human existence!

It's been a long time in the making but we truly think we've taken Gandalf's Fist to another level; and we hope you agree! Thanks for your support in buying for us direct!

Take time to have a look around at the different CD & VINYL options - both of which are out NOW to great critical acclaim! 

1.    Sacrament (7:04)
2.    Widdershins (13:32)
3.    The Haruspex (8:26)
4.    Dreamcatcher (5:24)
5.    Wisp (6:56)
6.    Man of Signs (8:21)
7.    Witchmonger (4:18)
8.    Cave (19:45)


“a seriously ambitious, multilayered album” - Prog Magazine UK
"The apex of today’s Prog world" 5/5 - music-news.com
“Gandalf's Fist are becoming more confident and rock-oriented with every new release… this is another step forward” 9/10 - DPRP.net
"This new release sees them hitting an entirely new level" - progradar.org
"Widdershins will end up among your favourite albums of 2022" 9/10 - profilprog.com
"Atmospheric, crafted, yet still forceful progressive rock" 4.5/5 - seaoftranquility.org
"The most wonderful heavy prog you’ll hear anywhere...it's beyond superb" - newwaveofbritishheavymetal.com
"Radiant melodic landscapes" 8/10 - saitenkult.de


Once again, we are delighted to be able to offer Widdershins as Vinyl LP Via Plane Groovy Records! Those of you who have our previous Vinyl releases will know how great these things look and sound so we are extremely excited to be able to bring this latest release to you in this format... in fact, we designed the structure of this album with 4 distinct sides of Vinyl in mind! This beautiful Double White Vinyl was produced as an even more LIMITED edition than our previous releases so act quick! As before, we partnered with the excellent people at Plane Groovy so please use the paypal options below to order your copy. As usual there are strictly limited numbers on this kind of thing so we recommend getting your order in soon! For any enquires regarding your order for this vinyl release please contact Plane Groovy directly by clicking here.


  • You order vinyl separately from CD packages using the paypal links below, this will allow Plane Groovy Records to deal with Vinyl orders directly.
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