10 Years later...

Ten years ago we released, what we consider to be, the first real Gandalf's Fist album: Road to Darkness.

The album was recorded over the course of a weekend by Dean and Luke and propelled us into micro-stardom! Even though the album has had several, short-run releases over the years, it had never benefited from a high quality packaging or glass-pressed master... until our recent special edition which remixed and largely re-recorded the album using the original multi-track sessions and compositions, the release retained the essence and spirit of the original album but brought the sonic palette up to date with our recent releases like "The Clockwork Fable."

The CD pressings of the special edition quickly sold out years ago - so to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of, probably our most important, release we are not only offering a Re-Pressing of the CD album (while stocks last!) but also the album on strictly Limited Vinyl for the very first time! We're delighted to team up with Plane Groovy to offer first ever Vinyl Release for this fantastic album. Presented in our preferred special-edition mix, from the Floydian overtones to the swirling space rock and the fantastic watercolour landscape of the album art by Daniel Pearce, if ever there was one of our albums that was made for Vinyl, this was it!


CD Digipak

Road to Darkness (Special Edition) CD Digipak

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This album has been out of stock for many Jovian Moons! We are delighted to re-press this CD digipak to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the original album release. This recently remixed, largely re-recorded and remastered album contains some stunning space rock, full colour booklet and enough space wizards to shake your staff at!
The album purchase also comes with a free download of our "making of" documentary.

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Road to Darkness Limited Edition Red T-Shirt
  • Road to Darkness Limited Edition Red T-Shirt

Road to Darkness Limited Edition Red T-Shirt


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Celebrate the 10-year anniversary of "Road to Darkness" with this new Red and Black T-shirt printed exclusively to mark the occasion!
When purchasing this T-shirt you will also receive a free download of our "making of" documentary for the album!

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Road to Darkness Merch "Party-Bag"
  • Road to Darkness Merch "Party-Bag"

Road to Darkness Merch "Party-Bag"

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Celebrate the 10th Birthday of the "Road to Darkness" album with a purple "party bag" containing some exclusive merch treats we have put together especially for this occasion!
1 x LTD ED "Badge(r) Pack" contianing 3 exclusive badges
1 x Rectangle artwork sticker
1 x Circle GF logo sticker
1 x Road to Darkness Party Balloon!
1 x Screen Printed GF fabric Patch
1 x Glow in the Dark GF Plectrum
1 x LTD ED "Birthday Card" with customised artwork!
Free download of our 2 hour long "making of" podcast!

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