"Winter's Mourning" out NOW!


Our brand new 'Christmas' Single, “Winter’s Mourning”, is OUT NOW! Recorded and mixed in our land-mass-spanning studios, the song was subsequently expertly mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London 

The new single, our first release as a six-piece, is penned in the style of a Victorian poem, reflecting of the dark and spectral side of the festive season, and recalls the days when rock giants such as Greg Lake or Jethro Tull would break from tradition to provide something to cater for a different musical palette during the festive season. Driven by the piano and acoustic guitars, the sound is fresh and bright, yet with dark undertones. 

We're also offering exclusive bonus tracks and lossless, studio-quality downloads of the song bundled with download purchases exclusively through our bandcamp page. 

In addition to our bandcamp store, the digital release,“Winter’s Mourning”, is available now through all the usual online digital distributors. 

Purchase now: