"likely to be close to the top of my list for best album of 2012...another exceptional disc"

"4/5 Stars"

"The history of excellence is certainly continued on this release... 10/10"

In a town, in a van, there lived a man...
Set in the near future, this latest Medieval-Space-Rock Odyssey, is a Psychedelic Rollercoaster, following the story of William, a lowly ice cream van operator, who inexplicably becomes embroiled in the heist of the personal wealth of the draconian business-magnate Sir Jason Drake.
Opening with the assasination of Drake outside his high-rise London appartment, the album delves into the events leading up to the busnessman's shooting. From Drake's illegal takeover of the Lunar Mining Corporation, to a chance meeting of parties with the anarchist-professor known simply as "G", the story twists and turns revealing the characters' true motivations, culminating with the heartless mogul finally contemplating redemtion from his own point in existence.

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Dramatis Personæ
  • William Small - An Ice Cream Van operator, facing bankruptcy. The foreclosure on his property has lead to transient accommodation in the back of his company's van.
  • Sir Jason Drake - A rutheless and miserly entrepreneur and head of Sole Industries Ltd.
  • A Company of Lunar Miners - made recently unemployed by S.I.'s illegal business merger, their resolve for compensation is fueled further by the collapse of the LMC Worker's Union
  • "G" - A secretive Sociology teacher with his own agenda
  • Gordon - Drake's blind 13 year old son, although abandoned at birth, he has recently come into posession of S.I.'s security codes.
  • Shakespeare - a retired assassin from the Eden Valley in Cumberland
"The Gathering of the Clouds" Music Video

From a Point of Existence

Initial Tracklisting

Album Samples

1. The Tale of William Small
2. From a Point of Existence (Parts I-V)
Part I: Obscuration (0:00 - 3.50)
Part II: Ascension (3.50 - 5.40)
Part III: Purgatory (5.40 - 8.53)
Part IV: The Fall (8.53 - 14.13)
Part V: Otherworld (14.13 - 16.34)

3. Gathering of the Clouds
4. There and back again
5. Crestfallen
6. Monolith
7. From a Point of Existence (Parts VI-X)
Part VI: Singularity (0.00 - 3.18)
Part VII: Isaiah 38:18 (3.18 - 5.11)
Part VIII: Mooncode (5.11 - 7.27)
Part IX: Contemplations (7.27 - 11.35)
Part X: The Page Turns (11.35 - 13.32)