Announcing: The Clockwork Fable

Final Artwork Yet to Be Revealed!

We are delighted to announce “The Clockwork Fable” a Prog-Rock Mind Movie in three oscillations. 

As a follow-up to the acclaimed “A Forest of Fey”, we’ve gone all-out, creating a truly epic triple concept album. 

Set in the fictional world of “Cogtopolis”, each CD of the record serves as a different “act” of the story, with Dean and Luke, along with to-be-announced guest vocalists, providing the singing voices of the inhabitants. However things don’t end there; the characters are also brought to life by a 50-page script that has been professionally recorded by a range of hugely talented actors. 

A far cry from a musical, where characters burst into song at the drop of a proverbial hat, The Clockwork Fable serves as a sprawling motion picture that will play out in your Neocortex with Gandalf’s Fist, of course, providing the soundtrack. 

Aside from the depth of story and characters, we have also fully developed the world of Cogtopolis. From geography, religious doctrines, even down to the language of Cypheridia, the amount of work we’ve put into this conceptual piece is staggering. 

But that’s not the best of it. 

We truly believe that this is the finest musical work we’ve ever created. There’s a mix of all of our influences and were you to put all of the best bits of our discography into a huge melting pot you’d end up with something quite close (but not as awesome) as what we’ve created! But don’t just take our word for it – head over to the pre-order store and have a listen to a whopping 10 minutes of audio previews! 

Feel free to trawl through the world we’ve created over at – there’s much to digest! 

Most importantly though, if you could show your support by pre-ordering this bad-boy, not only will you get 20% off the retail price but you will also massively help us out as independent musicians! 

Cheers guys – more news soon!