“Live From a Post-Apocalyptic Power Cut”

OUT NOW - Available via a range of digital music stores!

Click here to purchase for the special price of £4 at our Bandcamp Page - featuring an exclusive digital booklet!

We are all are set to celebrate 10 years of proggin' out with our logs out with the release of  “Live From a Post-Apocalyptic Power Cut”, an acoustic EP of folk-inspired renditions from our back catalogue.

Recorded amidst the fallout of the next global zombie apocalypse, the EP serves as a soothing soundtrack to the end of civilisation and is sure to help lift the spirit amidst the oncoming tides of the undead.

Soon to be released via our bandcamp page, the EP features an exclusive recording of the traditional northern folk ballad 'The Snows they melt the Soonest', whilst unplugged jams of 'Emerald Eyes', 'The Circus in the Clearing', 'North of the Wall' and 'Orphans of the Sky' make up most of the rest of the tracklist.

Additionally, the EP features 'Upon the Paths to Nowhere' - an all-out folk romp, originally penned for the critically acclaimed "Forest of Fey" album.

Aside from the accompanying ambiance of Armageddon the EP, recorded in front of the rapturous audience of a solitary passing tinker and his Border Collie, also comes with a digital booklet and choice of lossless audio download formats.

We suggest the EP is only played at a volume, and frequency, capable of repelling nuclear fallout and waves of viral dust clouds.

Why not check out the trailer below for a little teaser!

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