Road to Darkness Special Edition - PRE-ORDER NOW!

We are delighted to begin pre-orders of our special deluxe re-issue of our 2011 offering “Road to Darkness”. 

In line with 2017’s special edition release of “Universal Wanderer”  Road to Darkness, has been fully remixed and remastered from the ground up, utilizing new performance takes and bringing the release firmly in line with the sonic palette of 2014’s “A Forest of Fey” and 2016’s “The Clockwork Fable”. 

The record also features many of the original songs revised from their original form, adding fresh interpretation of the original material with new sections, lyrics and vocals. 

Completing the package is the brand new cover art commissioned from British artist Daniel Pearce, the man reasonable for the artwork on the 12” vinyl release of “The Lamplighter’s Tale”. 

As with our last special edition, we have 3 teirs of Pre-order:

1) Scarecrow: Reserve your copy of the Digipak of "Road to Darkness (Special Edition)"

2) Tinman: Album Digipak + T-shirt (Choose between 2 designs!)

3) Lion: Album Digipak + BOTH T-shirts + Download Code of the Original Mix

Make sure you head click here or head over to our official webstore to grab your copy!

This special edition is particularly meaningful for us as a band, as not only was the original our first ‘real’ Gandalf’s Fist album, but also because it has never had a proper full-scale physical pressing in all these years. It’s great to finally do justice to the songs that marked the beginning of this mad adventure.

We will continue to reveal album art and preview tracks from the album over the coming weeks so make sure you keep checking in over at the official album page for blog updates! As always, CDs will be shipped at the end of the Pre-Order phase but we will post out your T-Shirts straight away!