It's the First of December and welcome to the treat that lies behind door number one!

Here we present, for the first time in many a moon, the original Gandalf's Fist demo release from 2005. Although this may seem like some kind of fabrication, these songs were indeed available on our "Myspace" page when we first started putting silly "Fake band" photoshoots together whilst at University. The songs themselves were pretty much cobbled together by Dean on a laptop whilst mildly intoxicating.

The original multitracks for these demos are long gone so these are literally the best quality versions available, and although sound shocking by comparison to our recent output, they are a fun window into the early days of the fist and, even in those early days, you can start to hear a thread that would continue to this day! 

The only thing we've slightly had to alter is snipping the mid-section out of track 1 - it had an unlicensed audio clip of Sir Ian McKellen pontificating about the arrival of Wizards!

Hope you enjoy the first day of our advent calendar - those of you with a long enough memory should remember there was another demo released at this time - so make sure you keep your eyes peeled, the proggy Santa may have left it behind another door!