Stakes at Low Tide (Single): CD
  • Stakes at Low Tide (Single): CD

Stakes at Low Tide (Single): CD

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The CD single release of the new version of "Stakes at Low Tide". Available as a LTD Edition "Slim" Jewel Case with a professionally replicated CD from Glass Master.

This was released a little preview of our 10-year anniversary edition of "The Master and the Monkey".

Stakes at Low tide is a special song for us as it has existed in many forms since our first online demos over 15 years ago! This single release contains a different master from the upcoming album version and has been especially mastered at Abbey Road studios by Simon Gibson ( The Hobbit OST, The Beatles, Paul McCartney) For comparison, this release features a host of bonus tracks, charting different iterations of this song over the last 10 years! The bonus track version of this single is exclusive to Bandcamp, Our Official Store and the CD release.

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