Road To Darkness


 Road to Darkness Tracklisting:

1. No Place Cyclone
2. Emerald Eyes
3. Conjurer of Cheap Tricks
4. Into The Dark (Containing Emerald Eyes Reprse)
5. Twilight at The Gates of the Prism Moon
6. The Sulfur Highways of Io
7. Untrodden Ways
8. Road to Darkness
9. The Council of Anderson
10. Assorted Lunatics

Song Previews

From OZ to IO

"Road to Darkness is an album that combines modern prog with the classic version of the sound in a way that’s unique and entertaining. It’s likely that the album will make the “best of 2011” lists of quite a few progressive rock fans.  - 5 stars (out of 5)" - Gary Hill,

"With a band name like GANDALF’S FIST, and an album title like ROAD TO DARKNESS it would be easy to dismiss this release as just another generic album in the flooded power metal field, but it would be a shame to do that because if you did you would miss out on one of the best progressive rock albums of 2011  - 9 Stars (out of 10)" -

"I received this album and had little warning of the joys about to unfold. After a few listenings it’s become one of my all time favorite discs. Yes, it’s that good. It’s a safe bet to say it will be on my list of best discs of 2011."

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Road to Darkness
is the 2nd full Gandalf's Fist recording Project. After recording The Master and the Monkey there were a jam sessions left over from the recording of the final track on the album (the master and the monkey pt II). We've taken these on and have harnessed the musical directon in this project.

Road to Darkness is a sinister space-rock re-imagining of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum, chronicling the tale of a young girl transported to the alien world of Io by an evil sorcerer.
Inspired by our love of science fiction and fantasy and influenced by 70's era progressive rock, the sound could be roughly categorized as Arthur C Clarke taking guitar lessons from David Gilmour before jumping into a Delorean to kidnap L Frank Baum.

It's a mix of Classic-Rock style songs, instrumental sections, hard rock riffs, blues solos, narrative passages and harmonious choruses. With the odd smattering of shanty/folk thrown in for good measure!

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Dramatis Personæ

Lucy Venti
A Girl from the land of Terra.
Awaken from her slumber, she finds herself lost
in a strange new world.

Anderson of Io
The last remaining Wizard
from the Emerald Towers of Prometheus.

The Sorceress Kelaino
An Orphan of the Ice Tides of Europa.
Her three Familiars:
The Fool
The Bastard
The Coward

Captain Samuel Wrangler
A Pirate from a land far beyond the Jovian Worlds.

A Psychopomp in a Trickster's Garb.

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