Free Festive Folk from the Fist!

Ho, bloody Ho! Winter is upon us once again, so it would be amiss of us not to provide you with some cheap-to-free music to hunt orcs and sip whiskey to! 

We knocked this song up in an afternoon as a nice little winter warmer that has a positive message for these (seemingly) dark times we live in! 

As usual with our Festive titbits, you can choose to pay what you want - simply choose "£0" for a free Yuletide present from us to you, alternatively you can opt to leave us a little gift of your own (a pint is about £3.50 in Dean's town...) 

CLICK HERE to download!

We hope you all have a great holiday period! Stay safe, stay warm, drink lots of hearty ale and eat as much roasted bird carcass as possible! 

Thanks for supporting us throughout 2016 - what a year for the Fist! 


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