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First Disc of “The Clockwork Fable” available for Free Download 

We are delighted to announce the celebration of the two-year anniversary of the release of “The Clockwork Fable” will begin with a free download of the first act of our triple-album-opus! 

The promotion, exclusive to the Gandalf’s Fist official website, allows the first disc of the album to be downloaded as MP3’s, uninterrupted in its entirety. The perfect way to introduce someone to the wacky world of Cogtopolis!

We’re sure there’s still a large horde of people out there that have yet to experience the…

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Free Festive Folk from the Fist! 

Ho, bloody Ho! Winter is upon us once again, so it would be amiss of us not to provide you with some cheap-to-free music to hunt orcs and sip whiskey to! 

We knocked this song up in an afternoon as a nice little winter warmer that has a positive message for these (seemingly) dark times we live in! 

As usual with our Festive titbits, you can choose to pay what you want - simply choose "£0" for a free Yuletide present from us to you, alternatively you can opt to leave us a little gift of your own (a pint is…

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Well, well, well!!!

We've only gone and updated our "Free Music" page on the website to a brand new FREE EP entitled "UPROOTED"!

The EP, literally, showcases the roots of our music and allows you guys to sample one song from each of our main releases! Nice!

If you want a good idea on what Gandalf's Fist is all about then look no further! 

To celebrate our Ten Year anniversary we've put together this compilation, via our Bandcamp page, to allow everyone to sample our back catalogue for Free - simply enter…Read more

New Album Announced & More Free Music! 

We've just announced our Brand New album-in-the-works: "A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer". Click here to Check it out and listen to samples!
Due to be released late September/Early October, The album is themed around a deep-space signal transmitted from a derelict space station in the far reaches of the galaxy using broken instruments salvaged from a Cargo Bay.

Tracks such as the epic doom-laden jazz of “The Nine Billion Names of God” fit perfectly alongside the anthemic choruses of “Stowaway to the…Read more