New Album OUT NOW!

We've made our new album "A Forest of Fey" available to pre-order early via our store page.
We've enjoyed great support from people reserving their CD's via pre-order in and now the album is availbe worldwide via digital stores as well as on CD for you to...

As independent musicians it also helps us out greatly as it eases the financial burden of having to fund the production,  marketing and distribution of a record ourselves - so we REALLY do appreciate it!
The new album is really exciting for us as it's our first as a four-piece outfit and also features some really exciting guest musicians from members of the likes of Nightwish, Gryphon, Pendragon and It Bites!

For more information on the new record - click please click here. It's a corker and has got great reviews so far!!

As you may (or may not) have noticed we've now got some great promo videos online for the album tracks! Most recently we had a great time pissing about in the woods for the song "Circus in the Clearing" which was really great fun and resulted in a very tongue-in-cheek style video which really makes us chuckle!

Check out all the vids below and share them to your heart's content!!