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Pre-Order the New Album Today! 

"The Master and the Monkey", our debut demo-come-album, turns 10 in January 2021! To Celebrate a decade of Fist albums, we've created a special edition like no other, a complete re-imagining of the entire record ensures it sits proudly alongside our latest releases! Largely re-recorded from the ground up and featuring a brand new narrative, we present to you: "The (Re)Master and the Monkey" a fantastic new adventure from Gandalf's Fist, available to pre-order in a range of formats NOW! 


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Our new single “Stakes at Low Tide” a vivid new reimagining of a song that we originally worked on 15 years ago is out NOW! 

Subsequently then appearing on our 2011’s demo-come-album “The Master and the Monkey”, this new take on the song teases what to expect of the upcoming special edition, and ten year anniversary of our debut album. The track is awash with cinematic strings, folky rhythms and pipes and whistles which evoke days of ancient Celtic tribes and the folklore of old. 

The new single has…

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One of the most ambitious albums of all time just became all the more epic! 

The  unthinkable has finally happened! We're delighted to once again to have teamed up with Plane Groovy Records to deliver the ultimate in Prog-rock collector’s items – a stunning 5-LP Vinyl boxset edition of our acclaimed 3-hour conceptual adventure “The Clockwork Fable.” 

The Vinyl release, which originally spanned three CDs, is limited to only 300 copies and contains the entire, unabridged, steampunk mind-movie, retaining the…

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We are delighted to announce a special deluxe re-issue of our 2013 space-rock offering “A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer”. 

The expanded album has been fully remixed and remastered from the ground up, utilising new performance takes and bringing the release firmly in line with the sonic palette of 2014’s “A Forest of Fey” and 2016’s “The Clockwork Fable”. 

The record also features new and re-recorded narrative tracks from British Actor Mark Benton, who had previously worked with the us on last…

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Announcing “The Lamplighter’s Tale”: A Collector’s Edition Vinyl! 

One of the questions we are often asked on a regular basis is "when the hell are you going to release something on Vinyl?" 
Well, we felt your pain, so we are delighted to announce our debut Vinyl release ‘The Lamplighter’s Tale’ as a collector’s 12” pressing! 
Released 31st October, the record takes the entirety of the epic 'Lamplighter Suite', originally spanning 3 discs of our acclaimed conceptual opus ‘The Clockwork Fable’, and presents it, unedited in sequential order, showcasing the stunning song…

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We now have a special offer for a limited time only! Head over to our Online Store and with every order we'll throw in a hand-signed Gandalf's Fist Postcard! We only have a limited amount so make sure you grab some swag while you have the chance!  

New Album OUT NOW! 

We've made our new album "A Forest of Fey" available to pre-order early via our store page.   We've enjoyed great support from people reserving their CD's via pre-order in and now the album is availbe worldwide via digital stores as well as on CD for you to...

As independent musicians it also helps us out greatly as it eases the financial burden of having to fund the production,  marketing and distribution of a record ourselves - so we REALLY do appreciate it! The new album is really exciting for us…

Limited Edition T-Shirt Available! 

Newly added to our online store.

With the phrase "PROG OUT WITH YOUR LOG OUT" proudly emblazoned on the bottom, and crafty wizard weilding an almighty FIST,  how could you resist such an awesome piece of Gandalf's Fist Merch?

Only 100 Made so get 'em while you can!!

Head over to our store for bigger pictures and to place your order!