Well, well, well!!!

We've only gone and updated our "Free Music" page on the website to a brand new FREE EP entitled "UPROOTED"!

The EP, literally, showcases the roots of our music and allows you guys to sample one song from each of our main releases! Nice!

If you want a good idea on what Gandalf's Fist is all about then look no further! 

To celebrate our Ten Year anniversary we've put together this compilation, via our Bandcamp page, to allow everyone to sample our back catalogue for Free - simply enter "$0.00" at the purchase stage! (But Hey - you can leave us a little tip if you like!) 

Chronologically. there's one track from every album, including a re-recording of our very first demo from back in 2005! 

As an extra treat the first three songs have been remixed, remastered, and in some sections, even re-recorded.... which we've done to thank all our existing fans and supporters out there with some nice fresh versions of our favourite tracks! 

Rather than do a traditional "best of", we've picked one song from each record which means something special to us - check out the individual track notes for each song for more details!