The Lamplighter's Tale

Ask and you shall receive - Gandalf's Fist's Debut Vinyl Release!
Mastered and cut to the very highest quality in strictly limited numbers!
One of the questions we are often asked on a regular basis is "when the hell are you going to release something on Vinyl?"
Well, we felt your pain, many of the lads in Gandalf's Fist prefer to listen to their music this way.
After releasing The Clockwork Fable, clocking in at 3 Hours and 14 Minutes, we thought - how the hell can we fit that on a 12" record??

Well here's the solution: The Lamplighter's Tale.

We've taken the entirety of  the epic 'Lamplighter Suite', spanning the three discs of the album, and presented it unedited in sequential order, free from any narration tracks from the original CD, displaying the stunning song sequence in its beautifully pure musical form.

Out Now!

The Lamplighter's Tale - LTD Edition 12" Vinyl
  • The Lamplighter's Tale - LTD Edition 12" Vinyl
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Limited edition heavyweight Vinyl mastered and cut at Abbey Road Studios by Grammy Award winner Sean Magee. Featuring a guest appearance by Arjen Lucassen of Ayreon.
Strictly Limited Edition with under 300 copies available!

Exclusive Cover art by Daniel Pearce

Side A:
1. The Lamplighter (Parts I-VIII)

Side B:
2. The Lamplighter (Parts IX-XIII)
3. The Lamplighter (Parts XIV-XV)

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Crafted for our Fans!

Strictly Limited to under 300 copies, we've gone all-out to give you the record you deserve.

Especially Mastered and Cut at world-famous industry leaders Abbey Road Studios, by Grammy Award Winner Sean Magee, The Lamplighter's Tale is manufactured on quality Heavy-weight vinyl. True to it's parent album, the B side features a stand-out vocal contribution from Ayreon's Arjen Lucassen!

The record features exclusively commissioned cover art from UK artist Daniel Pearce, based on the Lamplighter Character from the Clockwork Fable cover.

B-Side Preview!