Our new single “Stakes at Low Tide” a vivid new reimagining of a song that we originally worked on 15 years ago is out NOW! 

Subsequently then appearing on our 2011’s demo-come-album “The Master and the Monkey”, this new take on the song teases what to expect of the upcoming special edition, and ten year anniversary of our debut album. The track is awash with cinematic strings, folky rhythms and pipes and whistles which evoke days of ancient Celtic tribes and the folklore of old. 

The new single has received a bespoke single mix prior to the full album release and was mastered by Simon Gibson (The Beatles, Mike Oldfield, The Hobbit OST) at Abbey Road Studios. 

The song is available now as a digital download via all major digital platforms or as Limited Edition CD, featuring bonus tracks of previous versions, from the our official website. 

Click Here to Grab your CD from our website, or Here if you prefer Bandcamp and get an instant digital version to enjoy straight away!